Genealogy & Ancestor searching

AmeriPrague can assist families tracing their family roots in the Czech Republic:

  • We are able to search in the respective archives, obtain various copies of archival documents and we are ready to translate old documents and letters. We also provide detailed explanations of those historical records that are not very clear in the historical/modern context.
  • We can make appointments in the respective archives for our clients and eventually help them with the research, if needed.
  • We are ready to take the pictures of the ancestral villages and respective houses or sites. We can make advanced appointments with the city or village mayors and accompany our clients to the registers of birth, marriage and death (“matrika”) in the city halls
  • The village visits or other kinds of such tours are provided by the best English speaking drivers/interpretors using the air conditioned cars or minivans
  • Services of AmeriPrague are strictly confidential

We provide the first consultation FOR FREE: the client should e-mail his/her copies of documents to AmeriPrague and within 5 work days the response will be sent with the quotation.

The rates develop from the difficulty of the research:

One hour of the office-work starts from USD 25.

One hour of the terrain research starts from USD 35.